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Contact The Storyteller

I can't answer every email I get, there is only one little storyteller here, but if you need to contact us, use the form below.

If you are an author and you have a story you think I might like, please contact me first - don't just paste it in.  It is unlikely it would get read.

I am on the lookout for stories from new writers who are starting out.  They need to be around 3000 words long, fit in with the other stories on the site, and be well written, fully proofread, with a good plot - twists at the end is nice.

I can't afford to pay you, but if I like your story, it will get read on an episode of the podcast and I will give links to your website or wherever. If listeners like it, they may want to find out more about you.

Fields marked with a * are required.