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The Story of my podcast. How am I doing So Far?

Eight episodes later, and still going strong. But what have I learned and where am I heading to? It is an interesting question! I think they are getting better. I hope they are...

How do I make the forest podcast?

This podcast is in it's very early days, but I have a very fixed way I go about making it. From choosing a story to recording, this is how I do it.

What makes a good story for a storyteller?

It is easy to think that an experienced storyteller can make anything interesting, even the phone book, but actually, to get the best our of the bard, you have to give the bard the best!

Things You Never Knew about Nursery Rhymes

Most people in the west grew up with the Nursery Rhyme, especially in English Speaking countries. But they are not always exactly what we think they are. And their origins are sometimes rather dark!

Who Were the Bards?

We often talk about bards, or find them in stories (I shove them in my own), but how much do most of us know about there strange characters who wandered from village to village entertaining us?

The Storyteller's Hole

So, where am I going to be recording the podcast episodes? I might vary, depending on the weather, but most of the actual stories will probably be recorded in my warm little booth.

Welcome to my very first podcast

This is my first ever podcast venture, which is kind of scary. The list of things to do keeps growing, but the most important thing, is the stories.